Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Haven't been here in a while; it's not for a lack of news; rather, it's because of a tremendous amount of news of which I can't even fathom where to begin with.


- I've moved into a new place, and to a new job (hallelujah!)
- I'm not balding, it seems (I'm kinda bummed since it's something that inevitable - you know the worst part is the waiting)
- Leah also has a new job and a new place - which is with me!
- I've ran around like a chicken without a head for Leah's documents, packing, moving, etc. and we've had to move *TWICE* to get a decent place.
- My mom visited here from the US - when she was around, she managed to buy Leah a hanbok
and introduce "us" to the fam-fam. Of which I was not clearly aware of (I went there wearing jeans and a sweater).

Anyhow, just living the good life now - gound a Kyokushinkai place nearby, I've been going to a dissappointing Muay Thai place nearby of which I stopped going because . . . it was dissappointing. Duh.

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