Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a non sequitur: Motorcycles

Yep. That's right. This has absolutely nothing to do with me bing in Korea.

But I can't help it - it's the onset of summer, the weather, rain notwithstanding, is gorgeous; and I miss mototrbiking! Nevermind the fact that I've been watching Long Way Round - of course Long Way Down is in queue . . ..

(To be honest, it's not that I rode much back in the States, but still - )

I'm constantly looking at motorcycles (online) - although I did see this on a vendor in Korea: it's a Confederate Hellcat

A beaut, innit?

Anyhow, yeah; I completely miss riding with Kevin (the few times we did, anyhow) and I've got to set up sometime for riding w/ Jason (hope she's treating ya well, buddy!).

90% of the bikes I've seen here are either lower displacement, Korean bred workhorses, or the rare Ducatis/Hondas mixed in . . . anyhow, scooters and motorcycles are a lot more popular here, but like I said, most are lower (250cc or lower) displacement . . ..

Current bike(s) of obsession/thinking about getting once I get back to the good ol' USA(in no particular order):
- Honda CBR600RR
- KTM Duke 690 (I [happily] blame Kevin for this development)
- Honda 599
- Kawasaki Versys
- Suzuki SV650

Considering that the Duke is a new model for this year and it almost costs $10k(msrp), realistically I'd be looking at the 599 or the SV again . . . and this is a modest dream of mine, but if I get one of those two, I'd love to chop it up to look like that Hellcat!

So, to summarize:
  • my obsession with motorcycles did not waver since I got here.
  • I will ride with Jason and Kevin once I get back
  • Granted it depends on what job situation I get once I get back, but it'd be aweeesome to join in on one of Kev's long-term trips (I've got that adventurin' bug in my blood, no thanks to you)
  • I want a bike again!
So, dear reader, I suppose you're asking, why don't I get a motorcycle here, in S. Korea?

(Seriously, they're batshit insane here as far as traffic goes - the second video is *typical* for most riders - and I'm just not good enough of a rider to do that without maiming almost everyone - got a bicycle, though)

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