Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes, I've assimilated!

I've given up. Quit. Compromised.

Quit what, you ask? I've quit not being assimilated into the now-culture; I've given up my proud status as an independent, rational human being (in reality a thinly-veiled guise for my neo-tech phobia/ineptness for such things - or just good ol' American lazyness).

Anyhow, yeah; so now I'm a proud(?) member of myspa-, er, I mean, cyworl-, oh, facebook this time. Right. Well, every foreigner in Korea has one, so hey, when in Korea . . . (inside joke; as my lovely wife tells me, "fuck a Korean" . . ..)

So why the blog, all of a sudden? Well, I've been meaning to, really. It's just that . . . "things" have been getting in my way; er, right (i.e. I'm a lazy fuck, and I wholly embrace the lifestyle - you, dear reader, should subscribe to this lifestyle; don't want to try? Eh, I'm too lazy to sell it to you).

So where to begin? I mean, I'm going to send this to everyone in the States so they can read this, right?

Well, it IS late at night (oh no, it begins) so I'll just bulletpoint some things I should cover;
  • My trip to North Korea
    • Guards, the flags and their love of saucer hats
    • Their hatred of all things American; yet they only take US dollars?
    • The weird box thing we found in the hotel room
  • My trip going Whitewater Rafting
  • My job
  • My continuing obsession/"passion" with;
    • Motorcycles
    • Martial Arts - Muay Thai in particular
      • Other martial arts schools in Korea I've seen/found
  • Male Pattern Baldness - oh noes!
  • Marriage to my wife, the person I married
Of which I will cover with glee - later(maybe). Maybe I'll take a poll of which one I should start with.

Oh, forgot to mention a few things;

To bulletpoint, I mean - coincidentally, it's all oh-so very perv related in one way or another;
  • Whore alley/town/district/whatever
  • Penis Fish
  • Penis Statues we found on the way back from North Korea (In South Korea)
  • Adult Novelty shops . . . er, vans on highways

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